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Over the last several years Denver has become a top tourist destination. Yes, one of the major attractions is the legalization of recreational marijuana, but there were always many reasons to visit! The hiking trails, skiing in the winter, top restaurants, and so much more. But like every city, it has its lesser-known attractions that are super cool and worth a stopover.

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s you will absolutely want to pay this shop a visit. If not to purchase something, then at the very least to take a walk down memory lane. This antique thrift store is an ode to all things Saturday morning cartoons, boy bands, Ninja Turtles, Beetlejuice, and all that jazz. Browse the rows of iconic pop culture nostalgia and walk out with an 80s workout tape, you may not have any way of playing it, but looking at the cover is probably fun enough.

As of 2017, this one time Lutheran Church cordially invites you to be a member of the International Church of Cannabis. Here, worshipers follow a brand new religion: “Elevationism” which celebrates the benefits of THC. On the outside, it may look like any other church, but on the inside, it’s a technicolor rainbow, the ceiling is painted in bright colors and rows of pews are ready to be smoked in.

As goofy as this is, it made our top list. Primarily because we love Western omelets, which was originally known as the Denver Omelet. Standing between 15th and 16th streets on the opposite side of the Light-Rail station is our favorite plaque honoring our favorite breakfast. Turns out that Westerners would mix onions with eggs that have lost their freshness creating the first iterations of a long-standing breakfast staple. The plaque lists specific instructions to the best omelet recipe around. Bon appetit!

On the outside, it may appear to be a well-manicured lawn but it’s all a facade – literally. Underneath the beautiful greenery lay 2,000 unclaimed bodies. In the early 1800s, the area was a cemetery, but due to overcrowding, the bodies were ordered to be removed. Of course, rumors of ghosts and supernatural activity began almost immediately, so everything was covered right back up, bodies and all.

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