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Ever dream of having all of your needs taken care of while traveling? Need a sitter for the night? No problem! Don’t want to skip out on your workout regiment? Trainer at hand! Need a stylist? Glam squad here! That’s the beauty of a personal concierge service. You don’t have to give up your routine while traveling or worry about the small stuff, that’s what your concierge is here for! So you can focus on living your best life.

If you find yourself headed to the blue waters of Puerto Rico, We Got This PR has got this for you! They know the island better than anyone else and have a slew of resources ready at their fingertips to meet any and all of your requests.

Maria del Mar Ortiz was living that non-stop corporate lifestyle when the financial world experienced a change in tax law granting Puerto Rico several tax benefits. Seizing the opportunity, Maria has helped some high profile clients relocate to Puerto Rico and has made the move seamless. Of course with an elite clientele, there’s more than just the professional side. Maria has assisted in the full moving process helping families transition in every way possible. That means everything from finding a home to putting the kids in school, and everything in between.

Lucky for us, Maria has extended her Rolodex to visitors spending time on the island. If you’re coming on a family trip and need assistance handling the kids, Maria has sitters available. Romantic getaway for 2? No problem. We Got This PR is there to make all of the arrangements from dinner, to transportation, and even send stylists to get you ready. Don’t skip leg day at the gym. They’ll arrange for you to work out with a trainer so you stay feeling great and motivated!

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island with so much to explore and try. Road trip the island, beach hop, eat at all of the finest places and look good while you do it. Having a concierge service available to you is like having friends everywhere you go. The fact that they’re super awesome, friendly, and thoughtful is just the cherry on top.

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