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Top 5 Places To Eat In Paris: An Every Occasion Guide

The warm aromas wafting out from every restaurant in Paris are intoxicating. You can’t walk a block without getting a whiff of something delicious. The truth is, as long as you stay away from tourist hubs and restaurants that have pictures on the menu, you’re probably at a good place. Options ranging from local street cafes to rooftop bars, and fine dining, definitely won’t leave you hungry. Here are our favorites places for any occasion.

Located at the famous Trocadero, the Michelin rated Monsieur Bleu has stellar views of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. A beautiful outdoor deck made cozy with draping lights and greenery is the perfect location to host a dinner. Enjoy fresh cocktails with the Casarecce with summer truffle or the crispy skin suckling pig with perfectly whipped mashed potatoes.

An open kitchen authentic Italian restaurant in a super casual, but very busy setting which is definitely worth a visit. You may want to opt for the bar seating to really experience the hustle and bustle of the kitchen process. Watch the boys scream out orders to each other in Italian as the food is so lovingly prepared. Share a pizza and fresh burrata salad, and if you have room, have some more truffle pasta!

A local spot in Saint Germain you can always trust to have a good, affordable lunch. The escargot is on point, the burger is juicy, and the wine chilled. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy the outdoor seating. The French Onion soup is probably one of the best we’ve tried lately.

Probably our favorite street-side cafe, Maison Sauvage is draped in flowers and sits on the corner of a cobblestone road. It’s the perfect location to end the night with a cocktail and dessert. As the drinks flow the area becomes livelier and laughter is heard echoing throughout.

The Centre Georges Pompidou is one of the coolest structural buildings in Paris. This cultural center houses several levels of cafes, stores, and the National Museum of Modern Art. On the outside, it looks like the building is “under construction” with tubes and escalators taking you to each level. On the roof is the ultra modern and sleek Georges restaurant. With an indoor and outdoor space and 360-degree views of the city, dinner here is a dream and everything on the menu is tasty.

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