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Savvy Tax Analysis is designed for business owners at any stage in their career. Whether you just opened or have been operating for years, STA will take your deductions and tax savings to the next level. You will gain clarity on what are work related expenses, how to apply them, when they count, and how to customize them to fit your business. The Savvy Tax Analysis is a high level review of your finances and cash flow which will result in a massive immediate tax savinigs GUARENTEED!


Savvy Tax Analysis Includes:

-One on one strategy planning sessions with Yvette Sadovoy where you will  will create together a tax plan specifically for your business together (usually takes about 2.5-3 hours)

-We will review your last filed business & personal tax returns to analyze what needs to be done going forward for maximum optimization

-An in-depth analysis of your business operations 

-A list of custom tax deductions that you can reuse every year

-You will receive a recap summary of the discussion including the list of tax deductions that you can reference forever


DISCLAIMER: This Analysis is for people who own a separate corporate entity (Partnership LLC, S or C-Corp)


Refund Guarenteed: If upon review of tax documents it becomes clear that your finances are diligently optimized, either a full refund or a new package will be offered on a per case basis. 



Savvy Tax Analysis

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