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By the age of 18, it was clear that Yvette had a natural gift for understanding the tax code and how to optimize it, along with a passion for educating individuals and business owners on how to save their money.

She uses a combination of the science that comes with her Master’s in Accounting and the art learned from preparing over fifteen thousand tax returns.  Most of Yvette’s skillset was learned on the job through real-life experience working with her father in his private practice where she first started assisting with individual tax preparation at the ripe old age of 12.

Over her two decades of experience dealing with clients in all industries and income levels, filing countless amendments and saving clients upwards of six figures in tax payments her clients have evolved as business owners and have become active participants in controlling and understanding their finances.

To offset her rigorous work schedule during the tax season months, she spends a good amount of time the rest of the year traveling with her family exploring the lesser known parts of the world. There's no better feeling than saving money and spending it on experiences that create lifetime memories.

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