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Savvy Deductions is the first and last program you’ll ever need to take when it comes to understanding your business’ tax deduction options. It is an in-depth explanation of 25 itemized deduction categories including what they are, how they are implemented, and who can utilize them. Whether you are just starting out or have been operating for several years, this program will take your tax savings to the next level. Along with all of the information and resources that you'll need, you will also work with me, Yvette Sadovoy, one on one, to custom tailor a deduction strategy for you.

You will get THREE HOURS of one on one time where you will have the opportunity to ask the hard hitting questions and elevate yourself as a business owner. 

You will walk away feeling confident with a clear plan of action. Imagine being fearless with your finances, comfortably handling your business expenses, and seeing deductible opportunities as they arise.

This program is also great for tax professionals just starting out in the field and looking for guidance on how they can better serve their clients. 

We have set up the Savvy Deductions program to focus on the main aspects of tax deductions.  Narrowing down the information into specific real world cases so that it can be custom tailored to YOUR BUSINESS! The one on one consultations are created to give you the opportunity to ask the questions that matter to you and get a real play by play on how to optimize your finances. 


you will learn

how to

  • Minimize your Tax Liability

  • Understand different types of deductions and how to actually implement them

  • Optimize work-related expenses

  • Record keeping and organization tactics

  • Real-life examples for different industries

you'll get

  • Lifetime access to the annual deductions update

  • Annual vendor miscellaneous tax forms

  • Relevant IRS guidelines

  • 25 tax deduction categories

  • Industry specific application

  • 3 Hours of 1:1 consultation that NEVER expire

Image by XPS
Image by Avi Richards

we explain

  • What are deductions? 

  • Why are they useful?

  • Who do deductions apply to?

  • How significant are the savings?

  • When do deductions count?

  • How do I find and organize my deductions?

  • How to implement them in real life

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