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5 Tax Deduction for Bloggers You Probably Didn't Know About

Blogging is a relatively new industry and quite frankly, the IRS has not yet caught up to it. While there are already guidelines in place for general tax deductions, the regulations don’t actually apply to many in the blogging world. The truth is, blogging takes on different roles. Some use their blogs as marketing agencies while others utilize them as personal brands making the blogger a public figure. Depending on how you view yourself, you may be eligible for some or all of the following tax deductions:


Anything you use to enhance your photos. This includes backdrops, boxes, flowers, arts & craft supplies, picnic baskets, mirrors, or anything else you use to stage a shot.

Hair and Makeup Expenses

If you use your blog as a personal brand and act as a model for paid collaborations, then it is understandable that part of your expense would be stage hair and makeup and under the right circumstance, even the clothing.

Spas & Massages

You heard that right! Are you an adventure travel blogger? Do you spend days hiking, rafting, and carrying 50 pounds of gear on your back? That’s probably physically tolling on your body so if you need to use any personal treatments like massages or physical therapy in between adventures, those can be tax deductible for you.

Internet Support Services

These days most of our work related expenses are online. Paying for monthly or annual subscriptions for online programs, apps, or softwares are tax deductible.

Ideation Expenses

Do you network with other bloggers, photographers, or creatives? Do you host them at your house to discuss future shoots, plan set ups, and collaborate on future projects? During these meetings do you offer them any snacks or drinks? If so, those grocery supplies are considered deductible for you.

Did you learn something new just now?! Have questions? Drop a line below..

*The above mentioned deductions are not allocable to everyone and you should speak to your tax preparer about how you can utilize them for yourself.

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