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Entrepreneurs Need To Unplug: It’s Good for Your Work-Life Balance!

An entrepreneur’s day, especially during the first stages of starting up a business, is very long and draining. While you’re no longer tied down to the usual 9-5, you’re often working twice as much in the initial stages. You find yourself working during family time trying to squeeze a few quality minutes for your family while working. Even the most committed entrepreneur needs time away from their work to recharge.The following three tips are to help you unplug yourself from your work and reclaim your work-life balance:

Bye-bye technology

The first step to unplugging is to ditch the tech. As an entrepreneur, your cell phone is an extension of your work into your personal life. You’re constantly checking emails, in meetings, delegating tasks, or negotiating deals even when you’re “off the clock.” It’s easy to overlook just how much time you spend working when the boundaries between work and home aren’t clear. While it’s true that as an entrepreneur you should expect to work well over 40 hours when first starting your business,it doesn’t equate to being glued to your laptop and having no down time for yourself. Set boundaries with both team members and clients on your working hours and make use of your phone’s do not disturb setting when you’re not working.

Build a trustworthy team

A big reason that entrepreneurs are hesitant to unplug is they think that their absence will wreak havoc. They believe that their team will not be able to function efficiently during their absence and remain unproductive, which is why it's important to build a trustworthy team that you can depend on. So, if you decide to go on vacation to Mexico for a week, your team would still be able to thrive. These are factors to keep in mind when selecting, hiring, and on-boarding new members to your team. After all, a great leader is measured by the success of the people being led!

Set a schedule and don’t forget breaks

When you’re self-employed, there’s no one hovering over you to remind you of your daily tasks or deadlines. You’re in charge of setting up your own schedule and following through with it. While setting up your schedule for your work is important, it’s just as important to schedule breaks. Studies have shown that your brain works in cycles of 90 minutes. It’s suggested that working past the 90 minute increments at a time can negatively impact your health and productivity. It’s important to take a 10 to 15 minute break in between these increments and relax your mind. You can take this time to eat a snack, read a book, meditate, or go on a walk. Then dive back into your work feeling revitalized and ready.

Final Thoughts:

Life is all about balance and being an entrepreneur is not an exception! Ironically you have to unplug to recharge. Doing this allows you to reclaim the work-life balance you might have forgotten. By putting your phone down once in a while, building a trustworthy team, and giving yourself breaks, you’re letting your brain revitalize itself. Remember to work smarter not harder!

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