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We all know some of the most popular and gorgeous hotels around the states, but did you know that there are equally, if not more interesting, home rentals that may be worth your time? They’re stunning and so unique that you might just have to go out of your way to stay in them. Seriously.

This tree house is a rare gem in Intown Atlanta, or really, any major city. Sitting on the same lot as a private home, the tree house has 3 separate rooms that are connected by lighted rope bridges. It’s all open to the outdoors and is perfect for a summer stay. Imagine sleeping on the bed, which sits partway outside, under the stars and the warm night sky.

This badass bohemian home is everything that dreams are made of. The property comes equipped with a swing in the living room, 3 bedrooms, a wraparound deck, hammocks around the fire pit, a hot tub, and last but not least, the outdoor shower all make this a cozy desert escape. Just a few quick minutes away from the main town or the park, this home is the perfect central point.

Another treehouse tops our charts because how could it not? In the middle of the jungle, quite literally, you will find this guest home perched 15 feet above the ground and only accessible by ladder so your bags will have to be pulled up by a pulley. Once up there, you will find a wraparound deck, indoor/outdoor shower, and of course, a hanging (!) bed to make this home one of our favorites. The best part? The entire home is made of bamboo and Eco-friendly materials!

New York is not known for its stellar housing (usually because the apartments are tiny), but this penthouse with a terrace is not your typical closet-sized NYC apartment. For starters, there’s a mahogany rope swing in the living room (starting to see a trend of characteristics to make our top list), white plank floorboards, a draping canopy over the bed, and quaint exposed brick detail which give the apartment all the charm it needs. Of course, the highlight is the terrace. Make your way upstairs for the oversized sofa bed facing the gorgeous skyline of the city and if you’re inclined, use the projector to watch movies surrounded by the night lights of NYC.

This is a unique one made up of 3 intermodal shipping containers that have been redesigned to build an awesome home in the mountains of Rockbridge. Just a few miles away from hiking trails and parks, this rental has a modern interior design with a free standing bath, large terrace, and outdoor hot tub. Sitting on 18.5 acres of land, the endless view of nature is the perfect way to unwind.

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