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A Ritzy Stay at The Boston Park Plaza Hotel

The Boston Park Plaza is arguably the most iconic hotel in Boston's downtown area. It’s gigantic and pretty much takes up an entire city block, but it’s elegance is unmatched. Just a few years ago the hotel underwent a $100 million renovation which perfectly blended its traditional, classic look with a little more contemporary pizazz. Funky art work drape the walls with unique New England accents.

The lobby is grand with super high ceilings and 4 exquisite avant-garde chandeliers shining down on an open concept space with carefully laid out nooks and corners. As you walk through the main entrance, there are 2 high backed almost gothic-like lounge chairs centered directly in front of you. Your eye traces the chandeliers lining a cafe lounge with a mixture of booths and tables going all the way to the back wall which features a central bar.

To the left is the coziest study, which highlights an entire wall of books and a soft sectional couch. Scattered around are more small tables creating the perfect place for your morning coffee and email check-ins.

To the right is another small lounge that’s clearly more for evening cocktails. Black leather benches and mirrors line this small area where you can also unwind at a round marble table with gold chairs in the shape of hands. Very MoMa artistic.

The rooms, varying in size of course, all share the same neutral brown and beige tones with white accents throughout. These carefully selected colors lend to the sophistication of the hotel. If you’re lucky enough to get a room on the higher floors, you’ll get a great view of the neighborhood including the armory that is right across the street.

If traveling with kids, a larger room would probably be most comfortable, so the studio suite or the 1 bedroom are both great choices. They both have pull out couches, but the 1 bedroom offers a separate small living room which can easily give the parents some much needed space and late night movie time together while the kids sleep in the next room.

And of course, can’t forget the stunning Ballroom on the second floor! If you’re in the market for a lavish wedding venue, the Boston Park Plaza, with its winding staircase and private lounge area is perfect for any large event.

Covid lends its own complications to traveling, but we’re happy to report that the safety precautions taken by the hotel and their friendly staff go above and beyond. Everyone is required to wear masks inside and daily housekeeping is suspended along with room service delivery. Any ordered food must be picked up at the bar downstairs and is served in one time use plates and utensils to ensure maximum sanitation. Single water bottles are available for free at the front desk and every room has its own Keurig machine.

The inner battle to travel while being careful and taking safety precautions is definitely pulling at the heartstrings right now. But knowing where and how to travel to minimize risks to yourself and others is most important. Spending the weekend with the Boston Park Plaza has rejuvenated our sense of wanderlust but refocused our attention to local destinations. If you’ll be traveling up and down the East coast, Boston is a wonderful weekend layover. Stay warm inside the Aquarium or take a stroll down the Fisherman’s wharf for fresh lobster rolls. If all else fails, a night cuddled up in the hotel room watching old movies and dinner in bed isn’t a bad way to relax either.

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