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Step into Ian Schrager’s world through his new uber modern Public Hotel.  The man who brought New York some of its favorite hot spots, like The Hudson Hotel and that little old place known as Studio 54, is back in action with this trendy Lower East Side hotel.  Known for his stylish hotels sans the hefty price tag, his latest Christie street hotel doesn’t disappoint.

The ultra sleek design and open air construct is reflected throughout the entire property.  The main entrance is lined with greenery, accenting the metal tunnel that leads you to the lobby.  A private garden with wooden benches offers the perfect getaway from the rest of the city. A little oasis that is rare find in the concrete jungle.

    Guests are in for a different type of stay at this hotel as the designers have decided to forego many of the usual amenities that travelers are used to.  For starters, forget the long line at check-in, enjoy a self-serve experience at one of the Ipad stations.

Check-out is just as easy and is done via email.

 Hungry? There are no room service options, instead, guests have to make their way to one of several restaurants located on the premises. Each one serves a different type of fare to cater to any mood. Kind of annoying. Kind of cool. But hey, it’s a fresh take on cutting costs and keeping prices down.

The lobby has become a popular destination in itself, hosting a now Insta-famous neon-orange escalator.  Public Kitchen, the restaurant run by famed chef Jean-Georges is open to the public with it’s indoor/outdoor garden seating area, favored for its truffle, three cheese pizza and marinated charred duck breast.

The 2nd floor is THE chill spot. Two plush lounges, each with it’s own bar, stand opposite one another with two billiard tables in the middle.

And of course, you can’t have Mr. Schrager involved and not expect some sort of nightlife.  The rooftop boasts 360 degree panoramic views of the city with local and international DJs performing.  What starts as cocktails at sunset quickly turns into a latenight hotspot.

Meanwhile in the basement roars an edgy, avant-garde space called Public Arts. It offers everything from film screenings to comedy nights in a dark, intimate setting.  Come for a little or stay overnight, either way, you’ll definitely feel like you’re in a futuristic space.

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