Paris is an experience and has a very unique aura. There’s a juicy blend of modernization peppered throughout a city bursting with history. Some streets are cobblestone and lined with leisurely cafes and boutiques, while others suck you into a fast-paced corporate world. Snapshots will never convey the warm fuzzy feeling that bubbles up in your chest when you sit on the lawn of the Parc du Champs de Mars at 9pm and the Iron Lady starts to glitter before your eyes. It’s all just breathtaking. Here is a guided list of some of the things we thought most worthwhile to experience on a short trip to Paris, however, this list is just the tip of the iceberg.

Walk Along The River Seine

The Seine is 777Km long and runs through all of Paris. Several bridges link the 2 sides and it’s a site to see all the way down. While you walk you’ll bump into Bouquinistes, stands selling art, books, magazines, and other interesting trinkets. You can also find stunning views of the Notre-Dame Cathedral (currently closed while it is being restored after the fire).

Explore The Louvre Museum

    Once home to French Kings, including Louis XIV, today The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum. Famous paintings like the Mona Lisa are hung inside its walls, but quite frankly, we wouldn’t recommend spending too much time inside. The property is large and outside you’ll find the famous glass pyramid. Across the courtyard is the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. A beautiful monument and almost a twin to the famous Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile.

Visit The Musée des Arts Forains

A collection of early 1900s carnival rides and games are on display and some can even be enjoyed! Take a guided tour and enjoy the relics of carousels, horse racing games, and others. The wooden rides are bright and colorful and guests are invited to try some of the items living in the various rooms. The world’s only man powered carousel is here and it was featured in Woody Allen’s “A Midnight In Paris.” 

Take A Break In Parc Monceau

    Like in many other parks in Paris, you’ll find perfectly manicured gardens, a carousel, and a snack vendor. Unlike any other park in Paris, this one was built by the Duke of Chartres, Phillippe d’Orléans and was designed out of pure fantasy. Wanting to build something to impress, the gardens were originally filled with a Roman colonnade, a miniature Egyptian pyramid, a Tartar tent, a Dutch windmill, a water lily pond, an enchanted grotto, a temple of Mars, an Italian vineyard, and so much more. While some artifacts remain today, it is nothing compared to what it once was.

Get Lost In Saint Germaine

Saint Germaine is Paris’ trendy area and usually very lively. Cobblestone streets cross into paved where you’ll find an abundance of street vendors, cafes and shops. Spend an evening sitting outside and share a cocktail and a creme brulée with friends.